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Less Complaining, More Sexy Rumpus

Look, I’m definitely not an “expecting diamonds and chocolates and roses” kind of girl, but I also don’t understand people’s burning, seething hatred of today. Guess what? ALL major holidays are too commercial and overrun with consumerism! Also, don’t begrudge the people who love celebrating their love with some romantic times. Yes, they should celebrate it every day, but if they don’t, people get busy and caught up in life stuff, and today reminds them that they should (also, how do you know that they don’t?).

My dad was always big on showing the love on Valentine’s Day – he usually picked out a sappy card for me and one for mom, and stopped to get some boxed chocolates for all of us to share on the way home from work. He STILL calls me every Valentine’s Day, which I think is the cutest. thing. ever. So I continue to think of today as more of a reminder to tell everyone I love that I’m thinking about them, and less about receiving or giving fancy gifts. That said, if someone I’m in a relationship with wants to spoil me with love notes and rose petals and mix CDS, I’m not gonna complain about it. Conversely, when I’ve been single on Valentine’s Day I’ve always spent it watching horror movies and eating pizza with girlfriends. And I like both things equally! Who knew?

Also, I said it earlier on Facebook, but one of my favorite people was born on February 14th, so it’s impossible to hate it.

In related news, The Oatmeal has said everything about Valentine’s Day that needs to be said, ever. Which means…I probably didn’t need to write this. Oops!


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