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I went from being $1,000 in debt to $12,000 in debt – here’s how you can too!

This is the face we make at mountains of debt.

Just have major surgery. And then maybe screw up your taxes, just for good measure. It’s THAT easy!

When all the Occupy protests started, I became even more aware of all the things that were awesome about my life. I was lucky to be able to be making enough money freelancing to support myself; I was lucky to be in a stable, loving relationship that offered support if I couldn’t; and I was lucky that we had a beautiful home and could afford to pay our all bills and eat and entertain ourselves and have fun.

BUT. I also knew that if either one (or, even scarier, both) of us lost our jobs or had some major medical emergency, we would quickly lose that feeling of security, which could eventually lead to us losing our beautiful home, and then the ability to afford to feed ourselves. I just didn’t imagine how close I was to something like that happening.

The bulk of my surgery cost a whopping $23,000. Luckily, I had insurance, and even luckier, that whole “pre-existing condition” nonsense was no longer in effect, so it was covered by my insurance. Still, after they took a stab at it, it came to around $8,000. Or…so I thought before I called the surgeon’s office to pay their $700 share of that, and then found out the insurance processed it wrong and I owed an additional $400 and something. And, then there’s the anesthesiologist’s bill. And the pathology bill. And, well, let’s just say the bills, they keep on rolling in. Continue reading


Really? Virginia? And Texas? And Iowa?? REALLY.

There’s recently been a lot of discussion about a women’s right to choose how to deal with her own reproductive parts (not to mention the whole, “Hey, everyone! Let’s pull all the funding from Planned Parenthood!” debacle) which of course, leads down that slippery slope of outrage and heated debates about the thing everyone really wants to yell about: abortion.

It constantly amazes me how the more things change, the more things stay the same—at least when it comes to the question of equality and women’s rights.

Governor Bill McDonnell was (thankfully, it seems like he’s backing down now) poised to sign a bill that would require women seeking an abortion to undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound. WHAT. Continue reading

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