About Me

Daily mutilation? That name is pretty angsty.” ~ my boyfriend

Lest you feel the same way, let me assure you that Daily Mutilation is not the title of this blog because I’m trying to relive the glorious torture of my teenage years (although I’m sure that will come up in some entries – okay, most likely in several).

Daily Mutilation is:

1) A Posies song
2) The way I feel about the process of spilling my guts in a blog for all the world to see
3) Not something I actually physically inflict upon myself (or others, for that matter)

Basically I have a new idea for something I want to write about every single day that doesn’t really fit into the type of stuff I already write for three other blogs. So I’m picking up my internet pen in order to scribe some personal stories – something I haven’t done since a pretty traumatizing experience on livejournal.

Here I am. Trying it again – and promising not to run away if people leave cringe-worthy comments, or if I feel too exposed.

Let’s do this thing.


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