Remembering my first real kiss.

In my memory, I look WAY cooler. But this is what 13-year-old me had goin’ on.

I was 13, and I was wearing his Huey Lewis the News tee, cropped jeans, white Keds, and a red bandana tied around my neck. We drove around in his car for a while, Berlin’s Pleasure Victim cranked on the stereo. (Despite the obvious sexuality of the “Sex…I’m A” lyrics, nothing about this night was about sex. It was about romance.)

He stopped the car, we got out to look at the stars — and in one, magical movement, he swept me off my feet, sat me on top of the hood, and leaned in to kiss me. It seemed like it lasted forever. It was a perfect movie moment with someone special, and one of the last (and only) times I’d be with a boy who didn’t immediately push me for more.

Just a kiss. A really beautiful, unforgettable kiss.

If I knew where he was now, I’d thank him for that.

Thank you, Terry. For one of the only nice teenage memories I have. Thank you.    


10 responses to “Remembering my first real kiss.

  • sugarcombsalon

    Awwwww…….. swoon! Great story!

  • Amie

    Ha! I knew it was you, MIchelle, because you used the word “swoon.” tee hee

  • abbytron

    That sounds amazing! I’ve had kisses like that, but not my first. It could be debated which kiss of three is my actual first kiss:

    Mike, age 15: I was laying on a couch at the Old Fire House in Redmond during a show. He asked to kiss me and leaned forward and I didn’t realize I was supposed to open my mouth, so basically our lips just touched very briefly. Personally, I don’t count it.

    Alana, age 16: We were on my bed at my dad’s house and she was telling me about a boy she kissed and what it was like. I told her I’d never kissed anyone, and so she told me I could try it with her. So we kissed each other with tongues for a few moments. I sat back and said “Hmm, slimy.”

    Justin, age 17: We were playing spin the bottle around a campfire in his back yard for his birthday party. The bottle landed on me. I finally tongue kissed a boy for real, even though it was just for a game. I sort of went on a mad kissing spree after that, adding up to somewhere in the area of 30 people within the year (a good 3/4 of those people from games of spin the bottle).

    Anyhow, as I said, I’ve had kisses like the one you described but they didn’t happen until I was closer to 18 and older. Sometimes I wonder if other people have really lame first kiss stories like any three of mine. Haha. Maybe even none of those three count! In which case, I really wish I could remember what really meaningful one came first after that. Sorry I always write such long comments and they’re all about me.

    • Amie

      Abby, I LOVE your comments! Truly.

      There were a few attempts at kisses before this like the ones you describe (hence the “real” in the title), but this is the one that really stands out and is worth remembering as THE first. It was perfect – really a great one.

      • abbytron

        Then I am amending my “real first kiss” story for future instances because I really hate telling those ones. I think I know exactly which one I would pick, despite what other kissings may have taken place in the months preceding it. Because it is perfect, and the first perfect one that ever meant anything lasting to me.

        Kenny, 17: We were at a party. There were people in the living room and people outside. I was in the bathroom. When I came out, I found him waiting for me in the hallway. I went and stood in front of him and he said some really sweet things to me and I melted so hard! And then he put his hand under my chin, and gently guided my face to his, and we kissed the softest most sweetest movie kiss I’d ever had. I think because of that, I will always kinda be a sucker for him.

      • Amie

        AWESOME! Love it. You could always just refer to it as “your first perfect kiss.” 🙂

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