Why Draw Something is the best thing ever

I screwed up the quote, but it still counts, yeah?

I totally didn’t believe the hype about Draw Something when I first heard it. I mean, isn’t it just Pictionary for your phone? How could that be fun? And then I downloaded it. And it’s been a non-stop Draw Something party ever since.

Here’s what I love about it: you don’t have to be the world’s greatest artist to have fun while playing. IN fact, sometimes the most awesome drawings are the simplest ones. It’s really all about creativity, and how well you sync with people, and oh man. It’s WAY better than just Pictionary for your phone. And figuring out how to relate a word to some insane pop culture reference—not to mention figuring out how to draw an actual reference, like from The Hunger Games or The Avengers—it’s so damn addicting.

I also appreciate that I can either choose to do a super-fast drawing and fire it off, or really get into it and take my time with a drawing. And I have seen so many drawings that have made me LAUGH my ass off—like the time my friend Carl drew a scene from Cursed so I’d know to spell out “werewolf”, or the insane sexually-charged stick figures my friend Nat constructs, or how I knew “Madonna” based on Carrie’s rendering of a pop singer in front of a fiery cross. Or how my boyfriend and I will sit right next to each and try to shield our iPads from one another while we draw out puzzles for the other one to solve. (NERDS)

I’ve inserted a few pictures of ones I’m particularly proud of. Because even if they don’t make you laugh, they make ME laugh. And that’s all that’s really important.

{You can hit me up for some Draw Something fun under the username posiegirl} 

I couldn't decide between Freddy or Jason - but ultimately, Voorhees won out.


4 responses to “Why Draw Something is the best thing ever

  • abbytron

    I always feel so out of the loop when people talk about their addictive smartphone games because I don’t have a smartphone. However, I didn’t really feel like I was missing out on Angry Birds or Words With Friends. Draw Something does sound pretty rad though. That and I played Robot Unicorn Attack once and it was awesome.

    • Amie

      Oh yes! Robot Unicorn Attack is rad. Maybe someday they will make Draw Something to just be on your computer? Or maybe they already do – I dunno.

  • Miss Kris

    UGLY! I knew it was The Elephant Man, but I never would have guessed ‘ugly’. Anyhoo, I found the game really fun but far too time consuming. It was also really difficult to draw with kids climbing all over me.

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