The worst pick-up lines I’ve ever heard.

This is why I used to give guys a fake name when I was a bar-hopping single girl.

To me, personally, I mean.

1. “You look just like my ex-girlfriend!”
See also: “You look just like my ex-wife!”

I have actually heard the above multiple times, from many different guys. How are these going to endear me to you?  You’re hitting on me because I’m the spitting image of your EX. Your. Ex. That says to me that you’re looking for a clone, not a new person to be in a relationship with.

2. “You look pretty good for thirty.”

Okay. Wait. HOW is this a compliment? How about just, “You are beautiful.” or “You look really amazing.” Why mention my age, at all. And it’s the “pretty good” part that makes me go ewww. See also: “That outfit really flatters your size.” and “WHOA. You are OLD, but at least you look young!” 

3. “Since your friend turned me down, can I get your number instead?”

No. Just no. I don’t need to explain why this isn’t okay, do I?

4. “I’m married, but you’re too cute to pass up. Can I call you?” 
This, or some version thereof, has also happened multiple times. Yuck.

And my personal favorite:
5. “You look lonely. Want to come home with me and hook up?” 

Again. I…what? Do these ever work for anybody?


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